We’ve been helping people overcome addiction for nearly 20 years.

These days, fewer and fewer recovery centers can claim decades of experience helping people overcome addiction. We’ve been doing it successfully for nearly 20 years. Call 855.265.4FRC (4372).

Our team includes doctors who specialize in addiction medicine.

Scott Teitelbaum, MD, is the medical director at UF Health Florida Recovery Center. He leads a team of highly specialized addition medicine physicians. (855) 265.4FRC (4372)  

Nationally known for providing medical evaluations.

We can offer a unique and specialized examination performed by a medical physician with experience in the field of independent medical evaluations. Call 352.265.5549.

The path to recovery begins here.

UF Health Florida Recovery Center’s main campus is nestled among the moss-draped oak trees of beautiful north central Florida. 1.855.265.4FRC (4372)


Our comfortable accommodations are centered on healing.

The UF Health Florida Recovery Center campus features a sparkling pool, sport court, barbecue area, fellowship hall, doctors’ and therapists’ offices and living suites. 1.855.265.4FRC (4372).

We offer specialized recovery tracks.

Our experts offer individualized treatment plans for each person in our care. Plans may include participation in recovery tracks for people with common issues, interests and goals. 1.855.265.4FRC (4372)

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Recovery Corner with Jamie Smolen, MD

Recovery Corner with Jamie Smolen, MD

May 3rd, 2018

For the first time in a while, pundits and politicians were talking about the drug that kills more people than any other each year in the U.S. I’m talking about […]

Young woman sitting beside a pond.

Recovery Corner with Jamie Smolen, MD

Dec 15th, 2017

Recognizing when a loved one is in trouble With the holiday season upon us, we may be gathering with friends or family members. And during those gatherings, we may notice […]

Hear from Our Patients

Kimberly Willoughby

Coming Clean

Kimberly Willoughby never felt good enough. Too short. Too overweight. She believed that everyone else deserved a good life, but not her…

Jacob Jones

Beyond the Field

Growing up in the South, Jacob Jones, 30, was raised on football. Jacob always committed himself physically and emotionally to the game that would lead to team victories and good […]

Reeve Abraben

Reeve Abraben, Living Sober and Happy

Reeve Abraben, a local dentist, is happier than he’s ever been. After receiving addiction treatment at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center, Reeve says he has accepted sobriety and is […]

Shining Stars at FRC

Dr. Teitelbaum receives ASAM Annual Award

FRC Medical Director won ASAM Annual Award

Dr. Scott Teitelbaum, vice chair of addiction medicine and Pottash Professor in the University of Florida departments of psychiatry and neuroscience, began the year off right with a national award […]


January Spotlight

UF Health Florida Recovery Center therapists Lori McGruder, MEd/EdS, L.M.H.C., N.C.C and Erin Bogart, M.S.W., R.C.S.W.I. were recognized for their patient dedication at a January staff meeting. One of Lori’s […]

December Spotlight

Megan Santiago, fiscal coordinator at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center, received a Shining Star award at the December staff meeting after being nominated by her peers because of her […]

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