The Truth About Drug Addiction

Hope for the futureImagine a person who wants to stop doing something and they can’t, despite catastrophic consequences. Though they feel tremendous guilt and remorse, people suffering from drug addiction will give up lucrative careers, loving families or even their lives for drugs. This is the nature of drug addiction.


People who are addicted live in denial that they have a serious problem. So they may go untreated for years. They’ll hide the problem until it’s impossible to do so. They cannot control their need, even in the face of negative health, social or legal consequences. Drug abuse literally alters the chemistry of the brain, so people don’t act like themselves.

Addition is a disease

Addiction is a chronic disorder. It’s treatable, but in order to bring about a sustainable recovery, we have to provide effective drug rehab and long-term support. This is absolutely necessary to remain drug free.

First step toward recovery

The first and most important step toward recovery from drug dependence is to replace denial and fear with acceptance and truth. The journey away from addiction must begin from within. And the Florida Recovery Center is your best place to start the journey toward recovery from drug addiction. 

Call today for help! Recovery is possible.