Alcohol Addiction is a Disease

Key to RecoveryAlcohol abuse is often covered in shame, denial and secrecy. But it’s a problem that doesn’t just touch the lives of people who use alcohol or drugs. It affects their families, friends and community members, classmates and coworkers. According to the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 22 million, or 9 percent of Americans age 12 and older have struggled with addiction to alcohol or drugs in the past year.

Addiction is a disease

Addiction is a brain disease which results from continued compulsive alcohol use despite numerous, obvious, harmful consequences. It’s generally a chronic and relapsing disease without a specific cure. However, sustainable recovery is possible. Thousands of patients have successfully completed treatment at the Florida Recovery Center and have returned to healthy, happy lives. 

No one is immune

Young and old can be affected by alcohol addiction. No one who comes to the Florida Recovery Center has ever said they starting drinking alcohol with the idea that they would become addicted. They usually can tell you when they started drinking, but cannot tell you when they lost control and became an addict. Not everyone who drinks alcohol becomes addicted. At the Florida Recovery Center, we believe addiction is a disease, just like diabetes or cancer. Addicts do not choose to be addicts. They are not simply bad people making bad choices. They are people with a disease.

Treatment works

Treatment works. Recovery is possible! But, the addict has to fully embrace the treatment program. Participation and motivation to change are very important to an addict’s recovery. It can take years for alcohol to affect someone negatively, and it can take years for them to recover to a positive life.  

Science has helped us understand alcohol dependence and withdrawal from alcohol. It is important to know that detoxification is not a cure, but rather a first step in alcohol rehab. The most successful recovery stories center around people who have embraced the idea of sober living.

Call today for help! Recovery is possible.