FRC Research Program is Boosting Patient Care and the Field of Addiction Medicine

Six years ago, Dr. Scott Teitelbaum was awarded the Pottash Endowed Professorship in Psychiatry and Neuroscience. Dr. Teitelbaum utilized this funding to create a novel clinical research program at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center.

The program aims to utilize data collected by the FRC research team to both enhance the clinical care of FRC patients and, through dissemination of research findings, the practice of addiction medicine. Similar integration of research and clinical teams remains exceptionally rare, with only a handful of comparable programs nationwide.

Dr. Teitelbaum’s vision highlights the innovation and commitment to excellence at the University of Florida. Research arising from this initiative has investigated processes that may challenge (e.g., depression, trauma) or facilitate (e.g., commitment to change, spirituality) recovery from substance use and/or mental health disorders. Specifically, this work has made important contributions to understudied areas regarding the impact that pain and sleep have on recovery trajectories.

The data gathered strongly reinforce the possibility of successful recovery and reflect the high quality of care patients receive at FRC. In the last two years alone, the research program has generated five publications in highly regarded academic journals and over 75 presentations at institutional and national conferences. These presentations include invited lectures at both national and international addiction science meetings and have garnered numerous awards.

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