About Us

UF Health Florida Recovery Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Seal of Approval®.

Gold Seal of Approval

UF Health Florida Recovery Center is the state’s premier addiction treatment program, proudly serving patients from around the United States at our University of Florida location. We integrate multiple disciplines within our treatments, which supports our advanced research efforts from stellar facilities. This includes UF’s McKnight Brain Institute, where we are uncovering the mechanisms of addiction and developing new treatments.

Our center stands apart from any other rehab facility in Florida in notable ways. The UF Health Florida Recovery Center combines the established principles of recovery and evidence-based addiction treatments with the vast knowledge and capabilities of a leading academic medical center. Meanwhile, we outshine other recovery centers by providing a variety of effective and results-oriented treatment programs, all in the comfort of a nurturing, protective and serene environment. Our comprehensive treatment focuses on all aspects of recovery — physical, emotional and spiritual — followed by the well-established 12-step method. We achieve this with the skills of UF addiction medicine specialists, as well as psychiatrists and licensed behavioral health counselors.

Individuals who are admitted to UF Health Florida Recovery Center programs receive a number of clinical assessments, which may include dietary analysis, psychiatric evaluations and neuropsychological testing. Through this unique multidisciplinary assessment process, state-of-the-art treatment protocols, cognitive behavioral therapies and inclusive family therapy, we help make recovery possible.

“I think the recovery community goes beyond cynicism. Everyone wants you to get well and is willing to open their arms to you. I don’t think I’d be alive right now without FRC.”

Dylan Lambert

Additionally in 2016, Dr. Scott Teitelbaum was awarded the Pottash Endowed Professorship in Psychiatry and Neuroscience, which has assisted in establishing a research program. The research efforts focus on identifying current needs for patients, as well as better understanding variables that impact long-term recovery.

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