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Recovery Looks Like Me – Scott Teitelbaum, M.D.

What does recovery look like?   It looks like me.   I was a practicing pediatrician. I had a very promising career. I had a wonderful wife and three beautiful children. Everything looked perfect on the outside. But, I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. I lost my practice,…

Adolescent Psychiatry & Addiction

Your child doesn’t have to suffer any longer. Recently, accidents, suicide and other problems related to drug use and abuse have become one of the nation’s highest unmet health problems. The University of Florida physicians and medical staff at Shands Vista and the Florida Recovery Center can offer a…

Addiction: A Family Affair by Scott Teitelbaum, M.D.

Scott Teitelbaum, M.D., University of Florida associate professor of pediatrics and psychiatry and medical director of the Florida Recovery Center, recently wrote a book entitled “Addiction: A Family Affair.” Aimed at concerned parents but also accessible to adolescents who are at particular risk, Dr. Teitelbaum focuses on several key aspects…

Recovery Looks Like Me – Daniel Logan, M.D.

What does recovery look like?   It looks like me.   I came to addiction a little later in life than some of my peers. I had a childhood trauma that resurfaced, and I turned to intravenous drug use. During my active addiction, I found that my carer actually advanced…

Patient Testimonial: Michele Markant

Michele Markant, former FRC patient in recovery, found herself completely addicted to pain medication which eventually led to her arrest and the loss of her job. She credits FRC for her new lease on life, and wants to serve as a symbol of hope for others suffering with addiction.

UF Department of Psychiatry

The Florida Recovery Center’s multi-disciplinary treatment team includes University of Florida physicians who specialize in addiction medicine.