Levels of Care

Doctors and staff at UF Health Florida Recovery Center provide all levels of care for people suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction who need drug rehab or alcohol treatment. Our staff can provide medical consults, comprehensive labs and psychological testing for people who have an addiction and/or other psychiatric conditions.

Our treatment philosophy hinges on the fact that everyone heals differently. And, the healing process can be enhanced when people are sharing experiences with others who are like them. Therefore, we have various treatment tracks for people with common situations. Explore our options, and find what’s right for you or your loved one.

Expert staff at UF Health Florida Recovery Center will work with people who are facing legal consequences for any recent actions. Oftentimes, addiction issues can lead to criminal activity such as driving under the influence or drug possession. Our treatment team members have experience working with the criminal justice system (probation officers, clerks of court, judges and attorneys). We will communicate and help people comply with various orders and sentences.


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