Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a structured outpatient program that provides accommodation to those who are in recovery within our local community. These individuals have completed addiction treatment and resumed a traditional work schedule or they’re experiencing a treatment setting for the first time. UF Health Florida Recovery Center’s IOP is located in Gainesville, Florida.


What to expect

IOP therapy is offered three evenings per week after conventional work hours. IOP is a group model, which provides group therapy, psychoeducation and integration with the 12 Steps. Weekly multi-family group therapy and aftercare support group are also part of the program.

As part of the goal of developing behavioral changes, improving problem-solving skills and coping strategies, the IOP therapists assist group members with managing the mental, social, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of a sober lifestyle. Our IOP therapists work with these recovering individuals to build on their existing motivation, assess and address their individual treatment needs, engage loved ones in the treatment process and introduce mutual-help and community-based supports as continued recovery resources.

Life in recovery

The primary goal of the IOP program is to provide opportunities to learn and practice relapse prevention training skills, as well as establish and involve a sober support system to maintain a recovery lifestyle. The UF Health Florida Recovery Center treatment team will work with participants to uncover barriers in mindset or environment and utilize current strengths and abilities that foster a long-term life of recovery.

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