Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program with housing, or PHP, may be the ideal course to take once an individual has successfully completed drug or alcohol detox. For those who do not need a drug or alcohol detox, the PHP may be the first line of treatment for addiction.

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The PHP presents a model structure for those who may need long-term treatment with more intensive therapies and daily monitoring to learn healthy coping skills and a new way of living. The program is structured to give more support to patients early on and allow more independence as they progress in their treatment.

What to expect

Drug and alcohol treatment through the PHP takes place seven days a week at UF Health Florida Recovery Center’s main campus in Gainesville, Florida. This intensive addiction treatment program provides an opportunity to learn sober-living skills amongst peers. Patients are able to reside on the campus and are expected to maintain a living area just as they would in their own home. Patients will care for their own living environment, including cooking, cleaning and shopping, as well as experience new leisure and recreational activities.

PHP treatment offers patients the opportunity to live in a substance-free environment while relearning how to successfully restructure their life. For those not living on site, commuting to treatment from home is also an option for patients. Families can learn more about this option and when this is appropriate by speaking with their physician and therapist.

The UF Health Florida Recovery Center’s main campus in Gainesville is just minutes from UF Health Shands Hospital, which allows for improved access to UF Health addiction specialists and other experts. The campus features several apartment-style living quarters, each with eight suites that can accommodate one, two or three people per room. Throughout the campus, there are many outdoor activities for patients to take advantage of. The campus offers a swimming pool, basketball court, bocce ball court, pickleball court and ping pong table for patients to enjoy.

While participating in treatment at the PHP, each patient will develop an individualized treatment plan for their specific needs with the input of their treatment team. Specific therapies and daily groups can differ person to person. Our multidisciplinary team oversees specific tracks, including programming for safety sensitive professionals, trauma, emerging adults and women’s issues.

Treatment can include morning meditation, psychoeducational groups, process groups, physician-led groups, recreational activities and life skills groups. Our staff utilizes therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, solution-focused therapy and others. UF Health Florida Recovery Center integrates the 12-step approach to encourage patients to explore and identify their own spiritual beliefs and how their core values play a role in their recovery.

An essential part of alcohol and drug treatment is including family in the treatment services. Family members are encouraged to be a part of their loved one’s treatment and engage in family sessions and the family workshop. To learn more about the family’s role in recovery, visit our For Family section.

The expert staff at UF Health Florida Recovery Center strives to rebuild each patient’s life that they want for themselves. Patients who come in not knowing who they have become, return home feeling happier and healthier than ever before.

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