Addiction is a very powerful disease. It often takes hold of a person’s body and mind. People who have a drug addiction or alcohol addiction may show a lot of different signs such as acting irrationally, not acting like themselves, having mood swings and ruining relationships with loved ones. But, the body is also being affected by the substance abuse.

Many times, it is medically necessary for people to go through drug detox or alcohol detox. The withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting drugs or alcohol can be very dangerous, so medical supervision is best for a safe cleansing of the body from all of the harmful substances.

UF Health Florida Recovery Center addiction experts

UF Health Florida Recovery Center’s addiction experts are University of Florida physicians who treat people at various locations throughout Florida. In Gainesville, UF Health Florida Recovery Center has 20 licensed hospital beds at UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital for people who need to a medically supervised drug detox or alcohol detox. UF physicians, specially trained nurses and addiction therapists provide a safe and comfortable detox environment for people by using behavioral and drug therapies. UF Health Florida Recovery Center addiction experts specialize in treating people with complex cases, including those involving chronic pain issues, dual diagnoses and multiple substance abuse.

Recovery is a journey.

Drug detox or alcohol detox is just a step in the recovery process. Cleansing the body of drugs and alcohol does not mean a person is cured. Detox is the beginning of the recovery journey. After inpatient drug rehab or inpatient alcohol rehab at UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital, we recommend all of our patients enroll in our residential treatment or partial hospitalization programs through which they can receive long-term rehab for drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Research shows that recovery is more effective when people are in therapy for longer periods of time. At UF Health Florida Recovery Center, we offer several options for aftercare too. We have long-term intensive outpatient programs for alcohol treatment and drug rehab in Tampa and Gainesville.

Call today for help! Recovery is possible.