UF Health Florida Recovery Center – Long-term Rehab

People who require long-term treatment for drug abuse or alcohol addiction will be referred to the Partial Hospitalization Program at UF Health Florida Recovery Center. A financial counselor will meet with you to discuss financial obligations. Your portion of the fee is required prior to beginning the program. Depending on the level of care, and the recommendations of the treatment team, length of stay in the Partial Hospitalization Program may vary. Payment is determined based on the number of days in treatment. Please speak to a financial counselor to discuss monthly costs by calling 352-265-4FRC(4372).

Patients on detox medications will be required to pay for these medications on a weekly basis. Arrangements will be made with the financial counselor to inform you about the charges. We do not bill insurance for these medications. However, you can submit them to your pharmacy management company for reimbursement.

In addition to program costs, the patient will need funds to cover the cost of gas, groceries, eating out at restaurants, recreational activities, prescription costs (from outside pharmacies), additional lab work or medical procedures and other incidental expenses.

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