Insurance & Billing

Some of our patients suffering from drug abuse or alcohol addiction will require inpatient alcohol or drug detox. During inpatient treatment, patients safely undergo drug or alcohol detox under the supervision of a UF Health physician. This treatment is performed at UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital, which is the behavioral health hospital for UF Health. There, the Florida Recovery Center has 18 licensed hospital beds for individuals with addiction and substance abuse problems.

For those who require long-term treatment for drug abuse or alcohol addiction, they will be referred to the partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program or outpatient care at UF Health Florida Recovery Center.

UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital has different insurance/billing practices and options than the Florida Recovery Center partial hospitalization program.

Inpatient Detox

We want to help you make financial arrangements for addiction treatment. Private-pay options also are available for individuals when insurance coverage is not available. UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital accepts all major credit cards, cash and personal checks.

Our financial representatives will be happy to answer your questions regarding program costs and drug treatment and alcohol treatment insurance in Florida. We encourage you to call us to have your insurance benefits evaluated. We will contact your insurance company to determine your individualized coverage for services. We are contracted with most major insurance providers including but not limited to:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Aetna Behavioral Health
  • Avmed (for the Gainesville Plan area)
  • Capital Health (requires a referral from Primary Care Physician)
  • Medicare/Medicaid (detox only)

Because insurance companies have many variations to the plans they offer, we will assist you by calling your provider to check your specific benefits. Additionally, we have been able to arrange single case agreements with providers out of our network, and we will advocate for you to receive benefits for services at UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital. If your insurance is not listed above, a single case agreement may be possible. Your employer or insurance agent also may be helpful in answering questions about your benefits.

It is important to know that payment is due at time of service. If your insurance company does not cover treatment costs or if you are self-paying for treatment, please contact a financial counselor to determine the agreed upon payment amount that is due upon admission. Incomplete or delayed financial arrangements can postpone actual admission. It is important to bring insurance identification card, a claim form and your driver’s license with you to avoid any delay in your admission to UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital.

Long-Term Rehab

Long-term treatment for drug abuse or alcohol addiction occurs at UF Health Florida Recovery Center where individuals can be referred to the partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, or outpatient care tracks. A financial counselor will meet with you to discuss financial obligations.

Your portion of the fee is required prior to beginning the program. Depending on the level of care, and the recommendations of the treatment team, length of stay in the Partial Hospitalization Program and the Intensive Outpatient Program may vary. Payment is determined based on the number of days in treatment. Based on information provided by your attending physician, our Utilization management team works diligently to get you the coverage your insurance company offers. Due to verifying policies, copayments, deductibles and out of pocket expenses, it is best to speak to a financial staff to determine an estimate for each person. Please speak to a financial counselor to discuss costs by calling 352.265.4372, and they will assist you with determining your specific insurance benefits.

Patients on medications will be required to pay for these medications prior to delivery. Arrangements will be made with staff to inform you about the charges. We do not bill insurance for these medications. However, you can submit them to your pharmacy management company for reimbursement.

In addition to program costs, patients living on site for the Partial Hospitalization Program will be responsible for the cost of housing. This cost includes utilities, transportation, gym membership, groceries, and recreational activities included in programming. Further lab tests and other testing ordered by your physician will be billed to you on our claim in addition to our fee. Our fee does not include the UF Health physician fees, which are billed separately by each physician.

Outpatient physician appointments will also be billed to your insurance company, and you will be responsible for any deductible and copayment.

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