Intensive Outpatient Program

After someone has successfully completed long-term rehab at a drug and alcohol treatment center, he or she should enroll in an intensive outpatient program, or IOP. At UF Health Florida Recovery Center, we have an intensive outpatient program for drug rehab and alcohol treatment in Gainesville.

What to Expect

UF Health Florida Recovery Center IOPs usually include several hours of individual and group therapy throughout the week in an outpatient setting after conventional work hours in the evenings. These programs are designed to provide support to people in recovery in their local environments once they have completed addiction treatment and resumed a traditional work pattern. Licensed addiction specialists encourage participants to attend 12-step meetings and involve family and loved ones in the therapy exercises. This level of outpatient drug rehab and alcoholic counseling has proven to help people maintain a successful recovery. Intensive outpatient therapy can continue for months or years depending on how engaged the person is and how stable he or she is in his or her recovery.

Life in Recovery

The primary goal of the IOPs is to help people stay sober and enjoy life in recovery. UF Health Florida Recovery Center doctors and staff will examine some of the behaviors that have caused the participant to have difficulty with alcohol abuse or drug abuse in the past, and change those behaviors to support a new way of life. All people in recovery should maintain a sober support system. Our addiction therapists offer family and group counseling, and they help those in recovery manage the social, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of a sober lifestyle.

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