Dual Disorders

UF Health Florida Recovery Center Addiction Psychiatrists

Dual disorders have become more common as physicians have successfully evaluated and referred to treatment many patients with alcohol and/or drug abuse and psychiatric disorders.  Recent research reports have confirmed what our experts at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center have experienced.

Many patients with a psychiatric disease also have a drug or alcohol dependence. Drugs trigger latent psychiatric vulnerabilities, precipitate lifelong psychiatric disease and serve as self-medication for patients with chronic depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and attention deficit disorder.

While the UF Health Florida Recovery Center has always had a large and well-known group of addiction medicine physicians led by Scott Teitelbaum, M.D., we also have a large group of psychiatrists who are board-certified in addiction. The division of addiction psychiatry at the University of Florida includes inpatient and outpatient specialists who treat patients of all ages from adolescence to geriatrics.

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