For Family


Addiction is far-reaching.

Addiction does not affect the addict alone. The friends, family and loved ones who surround the addict are also afflicted with the effects of addiction. At the Florida Recovery Center, we understand the need to help and support the the people who love the person who needs help. Many of our therapies involve spouses and family. We offer various levels of counseling for the whole family.

Help your loved one.

At the Florida Recovery Center, we know that it is often the family members and loved ones who seek treatment for someone they know struggling with addiction. It is up to the family member or friend to research treatment centers. Often, it is the wife, mother, father or husband looking for treatment for a child or spouse. We are glad you have chosen to learn more about the Florida Recovery Center. Many of our physicians and staff members are in recovery, so we understand the challenges of addiction. Pick up the phone today to learn more. We are standing by to help.

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