A Family Disease

Addiction is a family disease. Many family members of alcoholics and addicts feel fear, stress, anxiety, resentment, anger and stress-related health issues. The disease affects family members individually and as a whole. Often family members feel personally responsible for keeping everything together, fearing for the family’s survival. Healing takes time and learning how to best care for yourself in the presence of the chaos that accompanies this disease.

Addiction is a brain disease, chronic and progressive in nature, which results from continued compulsive, out-of-control use of drugs and/or alcohol despite continuing and progressively, serious, negative consequences. While there is no “cure,” sustainable recovery is possible. Thousands of patients have successfully completed treatment at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center and have returned to healthy, happy lives.

Alcohol and drug abuse is often covered in shame, denial and secrecy. But it’s a problem that doesn’t just touch the lives of people who use alcohol or drugs; it affects their families, friends and community. According to the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 22 million, or nine percent of Americans age 12 and older have struggled with addiction to alcohol or drugs in the past year.

At UF Health Florida Recovery Center, we treat the disease of addiction with a team approach. We have therapists, nurses, physicians and administrative staff who work together to treat the patient individually. This approach allows the team to treat the disease from the most comprehensive perspective.

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