Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my loved one need an inpatient or partial hospitalization level of care ? Isn’t outpatient treatment good enough?

Every treatment plan is based on the individual. There are several factors that our physicians consider when determine level of care, including severity of the addiction, length of time abusing any given substance(s), negative consequences of the addiction, physical and emotional state at time of admission, tolerance to specific substances and severity of withdrawal. Every person who seeks help at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center receives a complete assessment to determine the safest and most effective treatment plan.

How long does my loved one need to be in treatment?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, individuals progress through addiction treatment at various rates. However, research shows that good outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment lengths. At UF Health Florida Recovery Center, each patient has an individual treatment plan. Generally, for residential or outpatient treatment programs, longer participation yields better results. People who participate in treatment for short periods of time do not have the high recovery rates seen in their counterparts who stay in treatment longer. Often, you will hear people talk about 30, 60 and 90 day treatment. It is important to remember that recovery is a lifelong journey. Progress varies based in the individual’s specific experience.

Why do I need to attend the family workshop / therapy sessions?

You have been severely affected by your loved one’s addiction. You need help, too. Addiction is a family disease. At UF Health Florida Recovery Center, we invite you to learn more about the disease of addiction and how it affects people differently. Additionally, your participation in the family workshop and therapy sessions will help you cope during this difficult time. We offer support and resources for you. And, by being involved in your loved one’s care, you can experience some of the positive changes with him/her as he/she travels along the journey of recovery. participation in these activities also allows you to relate with other families who are going through similar experiences. You are not alone.

How do you manage medical/health issues aside from addiction issues?

One of the biggest benefits of treatment at UF Health Florida Recovery Center is access to specialized medical care from faculty physicians at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Only a few miles from the FRC campus, nearly 1,000 doctors practice in a wide range of medical specialties at UF Health Shands Hospital, which includes a Level 1 trauma center and several affiliated outpatient practices. Our addiction medicine doctors and psychiatrists work closely with them and make appropriate referrals to them for various medical conditions as necessary.