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Treatment works

The Florida Recovery Center programs are based on the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Our experts treat patients who suffer from the disease of addiction. We believe addiction is an illness that affects your physical, emotional, social, mental, familial and spiritual health. We know addiction to be a progressive and deadly disease, but there is hope. By reaching out to the Florida Recovery Center to learn more, you have already taken a first step. Treatment works. We can help you. 

Your responsibility

Recovery is almost entirely your responsibility. Passive submission to, or compliance with, treatment does not work. Your addiction is your problem, and you must accept responsibility for your own recovery. On this journey, you will take courageous steps starting with being honest to yourself and those around you. You will get better. Through our programs at the Florida Recovery Center, you will heal by opening yourself up to feedback from other patients and by providing feedback to others in treatment.

Understandably, the thought of facing your addiction head on is scary. You will have to be open and honest. You will have to look inward at the person you have become to tackle the addiction at its core. We hope you will find comfort at the Florida Recovery Center knowing that all the patients here have the same basic problem you have. And, they are all seeking freedom from their drug or alcohol addiciton. Treatment at the Florida Recovery Center is more than abstinence. We offer programs that include: 

  • Education
  • Self-discovery
  • The most current science and treatment advancements
  • Skills building

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