PHP Goals


Patients begin working on basic recovery skills during this phase. Rules are more restrictive, with the focus on changing behaviors and strict accountability. Relapse prevention emphasizes recognizing high risk situations and developing basic coping skills. Upon completion of PHASE 1, patients are able to demonstrate achievement and/or significant progress in the following areas:

  • Successful completion and presentation of Step 2
  • The ability to follow rules and basic directions
  • Completion of assignments as directed
  • Open to redirection without acting out
  • Obtaining a sponsor
  • Being respectful of peers and staff
  • Demonstrating an ability to articulate a personal commitment to recovery
  • Sharing without prompting


Patients continue to master the skills from PHASE 1 and work to gain more insight into how their disease manifests in daily living. Patients are eligible for passes in this phase. Patients present Step 3 in this phase, and relapse prevention is more focused on feelings and utilizing coping skills, with an emphasis on spiritual interventions.


Not all patients progress to PHASE 3. In this phase, the focus is on ways that the patient becomes more independent in their personal recovery. Groups and activities include:

  • Focus and commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • Service work
  • Independence and responsibility
  • Active mentoring role with inpatients, PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 patients
  • Focus on building a sober support system utilizing skills to pick winners in recovering relationships
  • The ability to plan and choose daily activities that further recovery

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