What to Bring – PHP

Patients in the Partial Hospitalization Program at Florida Recovery Center will be attending therapy sessions and activities every day of the week. Activities will take place at Florida Recovery Center and at Shands Vista. Patients will stay at specially leased, furnished apartments near by. Patients should bring things that they would normally bring for a long stay away from home. Here are some considerations:

  • Hair dryers, electric razors, shampoo, deodorant, hair spray and other health and beauty aids
  • Pillow or comforter¬†
  • Bring any medications that you are currently taking in their original containers and with approvals from attending physician.
  • A calling card is necessary to make long distance phone calls.
  • A clock without the IPOD or CD player is recommended.
  • Patients in the partial program should expect no more than $80 a week spending money: $25 for gas money and the rest for incidental expenses not covered on your grocery gift card.
  • If you need prescriptions, then please bring your pharmacy card or have additional money to pay for medications.
  • Patients should leave valuables like jewelry and special keepsakes at home.
  • Do not bring cell phones, laptops, TV, video games, iPod, mp3 players, etc.