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Alcohol and Pills

The deadliest drug in America at center of VA nominee withdrawal: Alcohol

Published: Sep 28th, 2018

For the first time in a while, pundits and politicians were talking about the drug that kills more people than any other each year in the U.S. I’m talking about […]

Signs of a Problem

Binge drinking and blackouts: Sobering truths about lost learning for college students

Published: Sep 28th, 2018

ens of thousands of college students nationwide will cheer for their football teams this weekend. Some of those who show up for the game after tailgate drinking may not remember […]

Recovery Corner with Jamie Smolen, MD

Published: Nov 24th, 2014

Holiday gratitude in recovery Gratitude has been a time-honored tradition for us human beings. Since people first realized the importance and value of the life-sustaining elements, there has been an […]

Recovery Corner with Jamie Smolen, MD

Published: Oct 8th, 2014

Addiction in the brain Addiction exists in the human brain. Specialized neurological pathways in the brain, called circuits, are designed for the experience of pleasure. These circuits tie together parts […]

Healing Hands

Recovery Corner with Jamie Smolen, MD

Published: Sep 16th, 2014

Unfortunately, we hear tragic stories of celebrities dying from suicide or drug overdose too often. Some of us have even experienced the suicides of a friend or a loved one. […]

September is National Recovery Month

Published: Sep 15th, 2014

September is National Recovery Month, organized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health services Administration (SAMHSA). This year – the event’s 25th – Recovery Month will focus on getting people […]

A Family Disease

A Family Disease

Published: Jul 12th, 2013

Addiction is a family disease. Many family members of alcoholics and addicts feel fear, stress, anxiety, resentment, anger and stress-related health issues. The disease affects family members individually and as […]

For Family

Published: Dec 21st, 2012

Addiction is far-reaching. Addiction does not affect the addict alone. The friends, family and loved ones who surround the addict are also afflicted with the effects of addiction. At the […]

Contact Us

Contact Us

Published: Dec 20th, 2012

UF Health Florida Recovery Center 4001 S.W. 13th Street Gainesville, Florida UF Health Florida Recovery Center is located in southwest Gainesville off of State Road 441 in Florida. The 10-acre […]

About the Florida Recovery Center

Published: Aug 5th, 2012

Led by Scott Teitelbaum, M.D., the UF&Shands Florida Recovery Center in Gainesville, Florida provides treatment, advocacy, education and research in support of those who seek recovery from addiction.