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Top three reasons UF Health Florida Recovery Center is your best option


TreatmentTeamButtonPhysicians, nurses, therapists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers and mental health counselors all specialize in addiction medicine, psychiatry and/or therapy. Many members of the treatment team are in recovery and have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that come with addiction.


ExperienceLed by medical director Scott Teitelbaum, MD, the UF Health Florida Recovery Center has earned an excellent reputation as one of the best treatment facilities in the country. Referral sources from all over the United States send people to FRC for treatment because of the medical team’s experience with impaired professionals and those in safety sensitive professions.

TreatmentOptionsButtonDoctors and staff at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center provide all levels of care for people suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction who need drug rehab or alcohol treatment. Our staff can provide medical consults, comprehensive labs, psychological testing, inpatient and outpatient treatment for people facing addiction and other mental or physical disorders.

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