Recovery Looks Like Me – Daniel Logan, M.D.

Published: November 14th, 2011

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What does recovery look like?


It looks like me.


I came to addiction a little later in life than some of my peers. I had a childhood trauma that resurfaced, and I turned to intravenous drug use. During my active addiction, I found that my carer actually advanced and went better while I was using. Until I crashed.

I was an emergency physician and was promoted to chairman of my department. Then, things completely unraveled for me, and I ended up a patient in an emergency department myself, in septic shock and in the intensive care unit.

I had a questionable chance of survival let alone ever returning to medicine. I went to treatment and had the advantage of being treated by a doctor who was in recovery himself. I saw hope. He had been where I was, and his life was turned around. It wasn’t easy. But, it gave me hope for my own recovery and changed my life.


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